Nature is full of wonders. It teaches us the laws of biological balance. It develops amazing solutions to complicated problems. This is Dennerle’s guiding principle.
More than fifty years ago, Ludwig Dennerle’s love of aquaristics and interest in a hitherto little-known profession drove him to research aquatic plants and is the impetus for us to inspire others for the aquatic world – true to the motto: Experience nature.

Experience nature since 1966!

Every aquarium is a biological system whose individual elements influence each other. The harmonious interaction of the 5 elements makes the aquarium the natural underwater world that you want.

Since the company was founded in 1966, we at Dennerle have taken a holistic view of the aquarium ecosystem in order to recreate the biological cycles within it as faithfully as possible. There are 5 elements that significantly influence the system: Animals, plants, water, substrate and lighting. This is where our product development comes in. The result: a system of optimally coordinated products with which you can design and set up your underwater landscape entirely according to your wishes and maintain it easily and safely. That’s all you need.

Aquarium in balance: a fascinating and intact piece of nature.

Research and development

Without our own research, there can be no real innovations. That is why the Dennerle research department is the creative heart of our company. This is where the latest scientific findings meet many years of experience from all areas of aquaristic practice.

We start researching where others stop!

To ensure that this remains the case in the future, Dennerle is constantly breaking new ground. In collaboration with microbiologists, chemists and botanists, who can do more than simply combat symptoms. Our aim is to positively influence biological processes right from the start, so that we can live up to our claim: Experience nature.



Dennerle is a member of the ZZF. The ZZF advises, informs and promotes the pet trade in their technical and professional concerns and provides offers for professionalization and for the exchange of experience across association boundaries.

At the same time, the ZZF is committed to the responsible and species-appropriate handling of pets and has set itself the goal of actively presenting the positive effects of animal welfare-friendly pet keeping to the public, the media and politicians, as well as other opinion leaders.

The cardinal shrimp is called “Caridina dennerli”.

Dennerle takes over the species sponsorship for the cardinal shrimp, which has only now been scientifically described.

At the Museum für Naturkunde of the Humboldt University Berlin, biosystematists – the “surveyors of nature”, as it were – describe new species (taxonomy), their relationships (systematics), their geographical distribution and their ecology in taxonomically-systematically oriented research projects.

In this work, she supports Dennerle true to his motto “Experience nature” and in return takes over the species name sponsorship for the cardinal shrimp, which has only now been scientifically described. In memory of the spiritual father of natural aquaristics, Ludwig Dennerle, it is given the scientific species name “Caridina dennerli”.



Relaunch Website

Relaunch Nano Cube and Nano Tank range

Relaunch of the Dennerle Coporate Design


Relaunch of the product range “CO2”


Division of the company into Dennerle GmbH with its registered office in Münchweiler and Dennerle Aquarienpflanzen GmbH with its registered office in Vinningen.


Dennerle celebrates its 50th anniversary.


With TROCAL LED, Dennerle is launching the logical continuation of TROCAL lighting – highly efficient, with enormous power density


Dennerle is the first and only aquaristics company to receive a nomination for the Fressnapf/Maxizoo Innovation Award for its newly developed Dosator automatic fertilizer dispenser.


Certification of Dennerle’s quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

The aquascaping aquarium “Scaper’s Tank” launched in 2012 is chosen as the product of the year at one of the largest French retail chains


Relaunch of the plant care products

Foundation of the in-house publishing house and the first edition of the Dennerle Aquarium Plant Guidebook

With the introduction of a compact SCAPER’S product line, Dennerle is addressing the trend topic of “aquascaping”.


Expansion of the Münchweiler site (enlargement and conversion into a high-bay warehouse)

Installation of a 450 KW photovoltaic system


Introduction of the seawater range for small aquariums “Nano Marinus

New development of the Bio-Circulator for operating a saltwater aquarium without a skimmer.

The plantahunter starts his first journey


Relaunch of the CO2 range with the new Evolution series pressure reducers


Presentation of the new nano products at Interzoo. Dennerle is thus positioning itself as the first supplier of complete equipment in nano aquaristics.

Expansion of the greenhouses at the Dennerle partner farm in the tropics


Introduction of the new Trocal T5 fluorescent tube technology. The new tubes have a higher light intensity with a smaller diameter.


On February 13, 2006, company founder Ludwig Dennerle passed away at the age of 67. Heinz Dennerle takes over the sole management of the company.


Launch of the Trocal reflectors

Launch of our own aquaristic filter material range

A.C.Nielsen states: Dennerle is the market leader in pond care with the pond bacteria FB3 and FB4.


The new utility model Mbuna underwater trees amaze the experts at Interzoo.

New edition of the Dennerle Handbook as “The Great Dennerle Advisor

First steps in filter material with Turbo FilterChips and Turbo Filter Beads


Acquisition of a building in Pirmasens for sales, exports and IT


Renewed expansion of the greenhouses to an area of over 8,000 m2


Start of the garden pond products with the pond bacteria FB3 and FB4


Introduction of YADY fish food


Start of export to France

Purchase of a building in Münchweiler for the production and storage of accessories


Launch of the fluorescent tube segment (T8 Plant) for aquarium lighting


First edition of the Dennerle manual “System for a trouble-free aquarium”.


Greenhouse expansion

Dissolution of the pet store in Pirmasens

First edition of the guide “Plants for a magnificent underwater landscape”.

Entry into cooperation with various plant farms in the tropics


Construction of greenhouses at the Vinningen site


Acquisition and conversion of the former school building in Vinningen into the company headquarters.


Greenhouse rental in Thaleischweiler


Opening of a pet store in Pirmasens by Ludwig Dennerle

Kick-off for a series of plant hunting expeditions

Cultivation and research of tropical plants in the greenhouse of the home garden