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Shrimp King Cambarellus

Staple food for dwarf crayfish
  • Thin sinkable sticks 100% from natural ingredients rich in calcium
  • For a strong shell and great colors thanks to the color booster astaxanthin
  • Guarantuee : without artifical preservatives

Staple food for dwarf crayfish

The thin, sinking sticks are 100% from natural ingredients are rich in calcium. They provide a strong carapace and great colors thanks to the color booster astaxanthin.
  • sinking mini-sticks made from 100% natural ingredients
  • with natural calcium and astaxanthin
  • for strong carapace and bright colors
Guarantee: Without artificial preservatives!

Feeding recommendation

Daily as much as the crayfish eat in approx. 1 hour. Remove food remains after 24 hours.


Product information

Product name Shrimp King Cambarellus
Article number 6078
Water Type Freshwater


Complete food for crayfish in freshwater aquariums.
Composition: insect proteins, corn, wheat proteins, bacterial protein from Corynebacterium glutamicum, spinach, nettle, krill, spirulina, montmorillonite, rosemary
Additives per kg: Colorants: 100 mg E 161j astaxanthin
Analytical components: 43,5% crude protein, 7,5% crude fat, 4,6% crude fiber, 8,3% crude ash


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