• Aquascaping

    Aquascaping – an art form in natural aquaristics. You could call aquascaping the most modern form of plant aquaristics...Show all
  • Lighting

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  • Aquarium Bed

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  • Heating

    Creating a true-to-nature bed structure in an aquarium DeponitMix Professional is ideal for creating a humus-rich...Show all
  • CO2-Fertilization

    CO 2 -Fertilization - AN invented FROM nature All plants need carbon dioxide (CO2) to grow and to live. They produce...Show all
  • Feeding

    it’s a quaNtum leap iN fish NutritioN! the first prebiotic aNd probiotic Natural food with No fish meal for your...Show all
  • Plant Care

    All plants need a diverse range of different nutrients in order to grow and flourish. The absence of only one vital...Show all
  • Water Conditioning

    Water is the vital element for fish and plants. Optimum water conditions in an aquarium provide the basis for healthy,...Show all
  • Accessories

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  • Plants

    PLANTS - THE KEY TO THE BIOLOGICAL BALANCE Plants are much more than mere decoration. They form the ecological...Show all

Nano Aquarium

  • Accessories

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  • CO2-Supply

    Magnificent nano aquascapes with CO 2 Plants consist of almost 50% carbon. Thus CO 2 – carbon dioxide – is the most...Show all
  • Cubes and Sets

    Small, easy to care for and simply beautiful: With the Nano Cubes and Scaper‘s Tanks you can create whole miniature...Show all
  • Feeding/ Minerals / Vitamins

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  • Filtration

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  • Nano Aquaria Plants

    Plants – the key to maintaining a biological balance Plants provide much more than just decoration. They act as an...Show all
  • Nano Light

    Plants love a midday break – algae don’t While the lighting is on, the plants’ metabolism is in full swing. Light means...Show all
  • Nano-Care

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  • Nutrient Medium & Gravel

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  • Temperature

    Temperatures in the nano world Most popular fresh water shrimp varieties prefer temperatures from 20 to 23 °C. Room...Show all


  • Algae Control

    The systematic approach to preventing and combating algae Algae are a natural component in every body of water,...Show all
  • Water Care

    Better water in next to no time Dennerle BetterWater 5-in-1 is a basic care agent with broad-ranging effects to...Show all
  • Fish Care

    Tipp: Futteroptimierung Erfahrene Koi-Liebhaber und japanische Züchter setzen Präparate wie Dennerle FischFit mineral...Show all