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Scapers Flow – Hangon-Filter

Hang-on external filter for freshwater aquaria
  • Easy handling: completely removable, easy to clean
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • With height-adjustable and swivelling Lily Pipe
  • Suction pipe incl. filter sponge as suction protection
  • Pump capacity 450 L/h, delivery head up to a maximum of 60 cm
  • Plug & Play

Backpack external filter for freshwater aquaria

An aquarium without technology is not possible, but with the Dennerle Scaper's Flow we banish the filter technology to the outside. For every situation, whether with a black or transparent background, the backpack filter comes with the right intake tubes and Lily Pipe. The filter is equipped with all filter materials and comes pre-assembled for immediate use.
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Lily Pipe fully submerged

In this position the lily pipe generates gentle, natural currents below the water’s surface. Minimal surface movement prevents unnecessary CO2 loss.

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Lily Pipe approximately ⅔ submerged

The “rippling” water return in this position delivers a rapid supply of oxygen. This is an important emergency measure if there is a lack of oxygen, as indicated by fish breathing faster.
Vortices are formed that drag surface residues (film) under water, which are then filtered out.


Hang the filter in the lower position during the day, switching to the upper position at night. This saves you valuable CO2 during the day. At night, when plants do not consume any CO2 but instead require oxygen just like your fish, the water is enriched with oxygen.
Lily pipes can be adjusted up or down by around 10 mm in line with water levels, and they can also be rotated. Lily pipes should be positioned so as to generate even, gentle water currents throughout the entire aquarium.


Product information

Product name Scapers Flow – Hangon-Filter
Article number 4573
Range 30 – 120 L
Water Type Freshwater


Width 180 mm
Depth 120 mm
Height 205 mm

Delivery scope

Bio filter tubes
Filter basket
Fine filter pad filled with active charcoal
Pre-filter sponge
Lily Pipe, black
Lily Pipe, transparent
Suction pipe, black
Suction pipe, transparent

Technical data

Power consumption 5.6 W
Filter capacity 450 L/h
Total power consumption 5.6 W
Plug type Type C - 2 pin (Europlug)


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