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Catappa Leaves

See almond leaves for aquaria
  • Natural water conditioner for aquaria and valuable food supplement for sucking catfish ( e.g. Ancistrus species ), shrimp and snails
  • Create natural, tropical-like aquarium water
  • Contain numerous natural active ingredients that have a positive effect on water and fish, including valuable humic and fulvic acids
  • Ideal for starting a new aquarium and as a vacation food especially for catfish
  • Mildly acidify and stabilize the pH value
  • Premium quality: harvested directly from the tree, cleaned, dried, handpicked

Tropical almond tree leaves for aquarium

The insider tip of Asian fish breeders: The ripe dried leaves of the Terminalia catappa tropical almond tree add natural substances to the water that aquarium fish and invertebrates are accustomed to from their home waters. They mildly acidify and stabilize the pH. The slowly decaying leaves are a great supplement and vacation food for shrimp, crayfish, crabs, snails and catfish. Premium quality: harvested directly from the tree, cleaned, dried, hand-picked.


Product information

Product name Catappa Leaves
Article number 2744
Range 1000 L
Time range 50 L-Aquarium = 40 Wochen100 L-Aquarium = 20 Wochen200 L-Aquarium = 10 Wochen
Water Type Freshwater


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