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Plant Care Pro Daily, 100 ml

High-performance daily fertilizer for demanding plant aquaria
  • High-performance daily fertilizer for heavily planted aquaria
  • With all important nutrients, minerals and trace elements
  • For splendid plants and intensely vibrant colors
  • Immediate and long-term effect due to multiple stabilized nutrients
  • Scientifically tested and optimized according to the example of nature

Daily fertilizer for heavily planted aquaria

In principle, an aquarium fertilizer can be added daily or at longer intervals as a so-called shock fertilization, e.g. weekly. In the case of surge fertilization, the plant nutrients are dosed in stock, in the case of daily fertilization, only as many nutrients are added as the plants consume per day. In Plant Care Pro Daily, the nutrients are not chelated or only slightly chelated. The advantage of this is that the plant can absorb them quickly. Maintaining an aquarium with daily fertilization also corresponds to the conditions in the wild. Here the plants are also supplied daily with only small amounts of nutrients, but constantly, e.g. through nutrient seepage sources.  


Plant Care Pro Daily is particularly suitable for nano aquariums, as the fertilizer can be dosed very precisely thanks to the practical dropper bottle (2 drops / 10 L / day). Possible adverse overdosing is thus excluded.
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The Dennerle Level System

With the level system you can find the right fertilizer quickly and easily.

Level 1 = For planted aquariums of type 1 with simple and few plants.
Level 2 = For heavily planted aquariums:

  • of type 2 with many and demanding plants
  • Type 3 from a size of 100 L with demanding plants

Add-Ons = optional care products to improve growth and health suitable for all aquarium types


Type 2 aquaria

With many and demanding plants and good growing conditions such as strong light and CO2, the needs and nutrients uptake of the plant also increase. A type of aquarium that is not only popular with aquascapers, but is also a good choice for new aquarists.

Especially for these aquariums we have developed our level-2-care. With high performance fertilizers, macronutrients and single nutrients you are prepared for any eventuality.


Product information

Product name Plant Care Pro Daily, 100 ml
Article number 4813


K-fertilizer solution 2 with trace nutrients, with complexing agents EDTA
2 % K2O water-soluble potassium oxide
0.01 % B total boron = water-soluble boron
0.0007 % Co total cobalt = water-soluble cobalt
0.0007 % Cu total copper = water-soluble copper
0.39 % Fe total iron = water-soluble iron, 50 % EDTA chelation at pH 3 – 8
0.13 % Mn total manganese = water-soluble manganese
0.0027 % Mo total molybdenum = water-soluble molybdenum
0.008 % Zn total zinc = water-soluble zinc
Net weight: See product packaging
Distributor: Dennerle GmbH, D-66981 Münchweiler, Germany

Secondary constituents: 0.81 % S water-soluble sulfur, 0.66 % MgO water-soluble magnesium oxide, 0.21 % Na water-soluble sodium, 3.82 % organic substance
Preserving agents: For preservation: potassium sorbate, sodium formate; for nutrient stabilization: vitamin C
Application agent: EDTA as complexing agent
Storage instructions: Store at room temperature. Protect from heat and frost. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Specified mode of use: For fertilizing ornamental plants in aquaria only. See above information on use for detailed description of usage and dosing. Note: Official advice is to take precedence over our information.

Additionally contains: 0.00013 % Ni nickel, 0.00006 % V vanadium


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