Aquascaping – an art form in natural aquaristics.

You could call aquascaping the most modern form of plant aquaristics. The name comes from the word "landscape". The styles of aquascaping are very different, but they all have one thing in common - they are all modelled on the natural landscapes above water. They can be seen and studied every day when taking a walk. A thickly wooded range of hills or mountains, a dense ravine, gorge or a landscape carved out by a river. Even details like a rock face or tree stump with moss growing on them can serve as a model. An "aquascaper" takes in all these impressions and then the initial layouts emerge in his or her mind. In doing so, it is not always important to be true to the details. Rather, the atmosphere conveyed by the natural landscape can be designed and maintained in an aquarium with the right plants. Discover the world of aquaristics in a special way with the new Aquascaping Range.

Aquascaping – From Europe's big aquarium plant nursery. YouTube Video