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Plant care

Experiencing a piece of nature that is what it means to have an aquarium at home.
Plants thrive and provide the perfect stage for the aquarium inhabitants. Shrimps graze the surfaces, fish swim around and show off their colors.

Plants are an important part of a healthy and balanced aquarium, as they compete with unwanted algae. Plants give the aquarium structure through their different leaf types, sizes and colors. They serve as territorial boundaries for fish and provide retreats for all aquarium inhabitants.

Aquarium in Balance

In the aquarium, however, we humans must ensure an appropriate supply of nutrients. The most important thing when adding nutrients is a balanced ratio of the individual components. An excess or imbalance of nutrients promotes algae growth. Lots of healthy, fast-growing plants are the best prevention against algae. You can find out more in our plant care guide.

We have been collecting knowledge from nature since 1966.

Each of our fertilizers is extensively tested in the laboratory and optimized according to nature’s example.

– Dennerle Original Care –
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With our new plant care system, we have developed a system that makes it easy for you to find fertilizer for your aquarium. The system is divided into different levels.

You will find the symbol for classification into level 1, 2 or add-on on every bottle and packaging. This will help you to quickly find the right product for you.

Plant Elixir Basic

The levels depend on the plants in your aquarium. The more plants you have in your aquarium, the more nutrients you need to provide them with an ideal supply. If you have planted 60% of your aquarium – i.e. you still have a lot of substrate and the plants are spaced far apart – then Plant Elixir Basic is the right choice for you. This is a universal nutrient fertilizer for all planted aquaria. It contains all the important nutrients and trace elements for beautiful plants and vibrant colors.

Plant Care Pro

Your aquarium is heavily planted if you have placed a plant every 2 – 3 cm and more than 60% of the surface area is covered. If this is the case, then Plant Care Pro is exactly what your aquarium needs. Plant Care Pro is a high-performance fertilizer for heavily planted aquariums with good growing conditions. In other words, with many fast-growing plants. It contains all the important nutrients, minerals and trace elements for magnificent and intensely bright colors.
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Plant System Set

The Plant System consists of three components. Plant System V30, E15 and S7. The new design conceals the tried and tested Perfect Plant System. The concentrates are specially designed for large aquaria. V30 is a complete fertilizer, E15 consists of tablets with valuable double iron and S7 brings important micronutrients, trace elements and vital substances into your aquarium.