Painful trip to the habitat

After a three hour boat trip from Kapit to Sibu, in the afternoon we arrived at a habitat with Cyrtocoryne bullosa. This location is also heavily shaded, and there are dense patches of water trumpet on several gravel banks. Much of this plant grew on areas that are now dry, which were also already sprouting emergent leaves.  A Macrobrachium species previously unknown to us hid under stones on the bank.

The shrimp have a smart yellow or orange striped pattern on the pleon and are probably grow no bigger than 4-5 cm in size. Another species of crab was hiding under the larger stones.

We quickly continued on from here to visit yet another habitat, which according to Michael Lo should contain another Cryptocoryne striolata variety. These plants grew partly in the root system of larger trees in heavily shaded areas.

In addition to the Cryptocoryne, we found two further shrimp species – also Macrobrachium – one of which had beautiful orange pincers, and there were also some fish living here.
There were many Pandanus screw pines growing on the banks of this small stream which had heavily serrated leaf edges that made moving through the habitat extremely painful.