Crab mountain in the RAIN forest

After a rainy night a bright blue sky awaited us. Near Kuching we went into the mountains.   "Jungle Mike" – as Michael Lo is also known – wanted to show us another Bucephalandra motleyana location.

He also said that a few crabs live on the mountain. Of course Chris wanted to look at the crabs first – the Sarawak land crab, Lepidothelphusa cognetti.

These crabs are found under leaves near the small rivulets. But it was a genuine surprise when Chris discovered a second species of crab in this habitat. It was a Geosesarma species, which looked very similar to Geosesarma nothophorum.

After the crab photoshoot, we then went to a small stream a little deeper into the jungle. Here we found a very nice example of Bucephalandra motleyana growing on the rocks on the river bank. This habitat was strongly reminiscent of the growth characteristics of Anubias in Africa. Some rocks were also covered in moss (Hyophila involuta). The plants grow so beautifully on the rocks, you could put some of them straight into an aquascaping aquarium.

After two brief rain showers, we thought we would be able to continue our tour, but then the jungle darkened and Sarawak’s heavens opened on us. Within a few minutes the tropical storm turned the stream into a mountain torrent, and it became impossible to take more photos – we had to abort the tour.

Very damp greetings once again,
Stefan and Chris