Hose Mountain

Half an hour from Kapit is Hose Mountain. In a rented car we then travelled uphill and down, until the road suddenly ended. A helpful sign warned us of the dangers lurking beyond. After just a few minutes of walking we had already reached the stream.

Here as well, we were greeted by the typical scene we had seen in the past few days. Arum species as far as the eye could see. In the clear water we were able to find a few fish, most of which resembled a species of Garra, searching the stones for plants. We were able to find two species of snail, a Viviparidae and a Brotia species, however.
In a small rivulet in the upper reaches of the stream, Chris spotted a potentially previously unknown Macrobrachium species, which is probably fully grown at 3-4 cm. You could clearly see the white claw tips in the small leaf-covered pools which had formed here.

Another new species for us was Schismatoglottis roseaspatha. The plant grows to approximately 40-50 cm tall with narrow, glossy leaves, which are strongly reminiscent of some well-known commercial Anubias species. We were also able to find submerged examples in a few places, but they were only a few centimetres tall. It seems that this plant remains much smaller under water. It prefers to grow on rock faces, so it could make an attractive addition in aquascaping.
We were also able to find the already familiar Bucephalandra pygmaea 'Kapit', which in many places grew together with Schismatoglottis roseaspatha, in this habitat.