The apes are on the loose

With lots of pineapple and melon for breakfast, we set off to the final plant habitat feeling invigorated. Around 1.5 hours from Kuching, Michael showed us another wild, romantic jungle stream, which was also a site Bucephalandra motleyana had chosen.

The variety at this site, however, is different from yesterday’s in that the leaves are darker and more ovate and the petioles appear shorter and not as reddish. On the stony bank there was also a wonderful moss growing, which we know as starmoss (Hyophila involuta).

The scenery could come from a well-scaped aquarium, but even here we can see that nature can do it better. We could actually have spent hours here, but the weather forecast said that a storm was going to hit the area around Kuching.

Then, a particular highlight of the day was the encounter with our closest relatives, the orang-utans. It is something special to see the animals in the wild.Tomorrow, it’s back to the blue crabs and on Sunday morning we leave Sarawak (Malaysia).

Regards from Plantahunter Stefan and Crustahunter Chris