Sun follows rain

Last night it rained a lot, but by morning the sun was shining. Optimum conditions for a trip to visit a habitat with Cryptocoryne bullosa and Cryptocoryne ciliate.

The location was a small stream, which was difficult to reach due to the very steep and muddy banks. Under the dense bank vegetation, Stefan discovered the first ferns growing on rock and roots on the banks.

This is a species of fern that looks very similar to Microsorum pteropus, but has slightly harder and smoother leaves and its spore capsules are only on the underside of the leaves at the edge. This plant grows under water during the flooding of the rainy season.

In addition to plants, we were able to find a crab species of the genus Perisesarma, rhino shrimp and, as this

stream is not far from the tidal zone, there were also some snails of the genus Neritina.

The second habitat that day was also a small stream; however this one was very rocky and the water was brown in colour. Here, Michael showed us a potentially new Bucephalandra, which looks similar to Bucephalandra motleyana. Whether it is a new species or a new variety of Bucephalandra motelyana is still to be determined.

In this habitat there was also a Macrobrachium species and again some crabs. On the journey back to Kuching we ran into a strong tropical rain front, which meant that we could not see beyond five metres.

wet greetings from Kuching / Borneo, Sarawak

Stefan & Chris