In Sulawesi on the trail of the cardinal shrimp, Cardina dennerli

This time Stefan Hummel and Chris Lukhaup are going to Sulawesi.
And with them are the Logeman brothers and Dr Thomas von Rintelen from the Humboldt University of  Berlin, who has worked on the scientific description of invertebrates for years with the help of Dennerle.

The hunters landed in Jakarta late in the afternoon of 13.06.2011 and early the following morning they flew to Makassar, then drove by car to the first lake. The destination is Lake Poso and it takes 12-14 hour to get there by car. This is where the Caridina caerulea/Blue leg poso shrimp comes from, for example. Then it's on to Lake Matano and Lake Towuti where the most famous Sulawesi shrimp comes from, Caridina dennerli/cardinal shrimp. New and interesting things from the plant and animal world are also searched for in some of the lakes' feeder rivers.

One particular focus is the Cardina dennerli/cardinal shrimp from Lake Matano, where there is possibly also a very beautiful Ottelia species (Ottelia mesenterium), but this is difficult to care for in aquaria. Some moss species from the genus Anthoseros, which are like a large-leaved Fissidens moss, are also searched for. There are also some Eriocaulon species from Sulawesi and they are also on the lookout for Chara species (stoneworts).
Another interesting plant is the Lymnocharis spec. about which very little is known, and even a Myriophyllum is to be found underwater.

There will also be a few surprises on this trip for sure - whether flora, fauna or other things!

Just stay tuned to the whole expedition team, Stefan Hummel (Plantahunter) Chris Lukhaup (Crustahunter), Frank and Carsten Logemann (Garnelenhaus) and Thomas von Rintelen from the Humboldt University of Berlin.

How come the cardinal shrimp is called "Caridina dennerli"?