Here we go ..

19 February, 2010

On the first day after the long flight, a drive of around two hours took us into the heart of the country.
After a short and very sticky night, we then set off again early in the morning and we set our sights on the first farm. The farm's manager and horticulturist proudly introduced us to a very beautiful and neat plant farm. With 80-100 staff, the farm is certainly one of the larger and more modern ones in Southeast Asia.

Chris devoted himself entirely to photography, while Stefan had the philosophy and cultivation process of the farm explained to him by the farm manager.
After lots of photos and interesting conversations, it was then straight off to the next farm which was just a few kilometres away. This farm fit the romantic cliché of a tropical farm. The site had palms and banana trees as well as wide range of beautiful flowers and other botanical wonders. After a welcoming drink from a king coconut, Chris took some more photographs and Stefan had a closer look round the farm. This time the owner of the farm was also there.

The days in Sri Lanka are not very long and by 6.30 pm it is usually already dark here, so we had to stop taking photographs and looked for a cosy place to have spicy honey chicken, because our stomachs were rumbling after the long day.
The rooms are comfortable, but when you shower you have to draw the curtain, as there are no windows in the bathroom so anyone can look straight in through a huge opening.
See you tomorrow

Plantahunter Stefan and Crustahunter Chris