Sri Lanka 2010

In the land of the water trumpet


Formerly known as Ceylon, this island nation in the Indian Ocean is known for its tea plantations, but is also home to some very well-known aquarium plants.


Chris Lukhaup - also known as "Crusta Hunter" and Stefan Hummel - the "Plant Guru" (a quote from the German magazine "Ein Herz für Tiere" ["a heart for animals"]) at Dennerle - travel Asia to visit some plant farms and, just as the Dennerle motto says, to "experience nature", exploring the wild and sparsely populated highlands of Sri Lanka.


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Plant species from Sri Lanka are particularly sought-after in aquatics due to their vigorous growth. They include of course the best known species from the spice island, Cryptocoryne wendtii. Numerous colour variants of this popular aquarium plant are commercially available. The smallest water trumpet, C. parva, which can be kept beautifully in Nano aquaria, is also native here.
This is of course an excellent reason to pay a visit to the island, so Plantahunter, otherwise known as Stefan Hummel from Dennerle, and Chris Lukhaup also known as Crustahunter, set off on their way.