We have found it

 – the fern rarity Crepidomanes malabaricum! This extremely rare miniature fern grows only in a few habitats and in the dry season it is nearly untraceable. Without our Indian friends we would have never be able to find them. Many beautiful mosses are growing in the shady areas of the downwelling of the stream, time and again accompanied by small horsts of Microsorum pteropus type mini. Simply a great location!

A few hours later we arrived at the next highlight. A small romantic lake in the highlands has formed a scenario with the little known Lagenandra meeboldii. This genus is closely related to the Cryptocorynes – they are often growing in a plant community together. In the underwood we discovered a green, as well as a beautiful pink and green colored variety. This differs significantly from the already known Lagenandra meeboldii red. Our list of new species is getting larger per day!