Night trip

For our attunement we stopped at the biggest river of the state of Kerala. And after a short search we have found some emersed  Cryptocoryne spiralis for a photoshoot, as well as a few Persicaria and Eleocharis. After that we went off to the highlands again. At the three hundredth we stopped counting the curves of the road. But it was worth it, because a wild river scape with a waterfall awaited us, were we took some typical postcard photos.

On the long road to our new lodging we took several stops at some small water streams and there we found a couple of new plants: mini Bolbitis, mini Microsorum and diverse mosses. Plant freak – what do you want more?! 

We totally misjudged the length of the trip and therefore arrived at our hotel around 2 am. A special highlight at this long night trip was an encounter with a mother elephant and its baby, plus a photo session with Utricularia, flashlight and flash.