Eriocaulon in all its varieties

Well-fed with Indian breakfast we wanted to visit the different locations of the Eriocaulon. On this occasion Rainer informed the local residents about the new Dennerle products via phone. The habitats of Eriocaulon are often very similar to each other – meadowy swamplands with many grass species and other low growing cushion-plants. Because of its ball like flowers the plant can easily be found. Even in a large rice field we discovered this gracile rarity. Just about the limit was a red hued variety. Wow, what a color!

But it should come even better. By dawn and after a few hours on the curvy road we arrived at another habitat with Eriocaulon and a dark red tinged Utricularia. We could even find a blooming copy. Unfortunately the light was too dim to take a photo – but we still got our “treasure” in the can.