All about the Hygrophila pinnatifida!

This extraordinary stem plant is only a few years available in trade and we were full of anticipation of how this graceful beauty would grow in its natural habitat. In a small streambed we found a dense population growing in the shades as well as in sunny places. Viewed in the sunlight its color was of a vibrant red underwater, in the shades tough its submersed stems were of a lush dark green. As we had experienced already, we discovered many other botanical specifics to the left and right of our way. This time it was an unknown beautiful flower of Cryptocorynen species to us. Satisfied with our photographic yield we drove back to our lodging.

The landscape had changed throughout our exploration. The scenery had become droughty and the streams had now a low level of water. As we crossed another small river some Crinum malabaricum had managed to gain our attention. We parked the car in the shades – and off we went. It was worth it! Another yet unknown Eriocaulon and Cryptocorynen species were the reward of this detour. Because of the low water level we could collect some interesting stones, too. Aquascaper heart – what do you want more?