Juniper Springs Run

Yesterday morning we had ground frost and throughout the day it was not very warm in the shade. Nevertheless, yesterday we climbed into a boat to paddle down the Juniper Springs run.

Someone should have told us beforehand that it would be over 10 km. The run would have been a real challenge even for experienced canoeists, because there were hidden obstacles everywhere just a few centimetres below the water, which meant you could easily fall overboard.

After just a few hundred metres, the water was enriched with humic acid due to all the leaves, turning it yellowish brown. The Juniper Spring is just 2-3 metres wide in places and around 30 cm to 3 metres deep. In addition to turtles, on the banks you can also see some alligators. We were assured that they are not as active at this time of year, but it is an uncomfortable feeling to paddle past just a few metres away from these lizards.

Botanically speaking it was most certainly interesting for the Plantahunter, because we spotted some new plants. We were really surprised to see Lobelia cardinalis, Samolus floribundus, Saururus cernuus and a grass-like plant that we have not yet been able to classify. Further along the route we also discovered two species of Potamogeton. These are also still waiting to be accurately named.