26. August

NanoCube Special Editions

Celebrating its 50th anniversary Dennerle is offering 2 Nano Cube special editions:

NanoCube Complete+ LED 30L incl. a Nano BIO CO2-Anlage, a Nano gravel cleaner, the algae magnet Alginator 2500 and Nano Daily fertilizer with a saving...

19. August

Aquatic Experience Makes Call for Entries to International Shrimp Competition

By: Pet Age Magazine Staff

August 18, 2016

The World Pet Association (WPA) presents the 1st International Shrimp Competition during its fourth annual Aquatic Experience in Chicago, Illinois, Nov. 4 to 6, 2016, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center. The competition is sponsored by Dennerle, JBJ Transworld Aquatic, Shrimp King and the WPA.

The 1st International Shrimp Competition will give shrimp breeders the opportunity to share their hobby...


1. December

Highly efficient LED lighting for aquaria

Thanks to its high-quality LEDs, it boasts very high output density, optimum heat management and a long service life of approx. 80,000 operating hours. This is ensured by the ceramic substrate on which the LEDs are manufactured. This provides better heat dissipation than plastic, with the result that a very high luminous flux can be created with a very long service life and low loss of luminous flux over the period of use. This means high light intensity is always guaranteed, even with a small number of LEDs, while at the same time power consumption is low.

The high light density...

5. March

Maidenhead 2015

Shrimping the UK!

True to this motto is Chris Lukhaup from March 17 to 19 on a larger UK tour.

Don’t miss your chance to meet the Crustahunter live and in action.

You can expect a lot of exciting topics related to the fascinating world of shrimp, that you should definitely not miss!

26. January

Dennerle sponsors name for Vampire crab

The crab formerly known as Geosesarma sp. "Vampire" is now called Geosesarma dennerle.

The Geosesarma sp. "Vampire", imported to Germany from Indonesia for the first time in 2006, has only just been scientifically described and Dennerle financially supported the authors' research.

In its natural habitat, this little nocturnal land crab lives in damp areas at the edges of bodies of water. They do not burrow much and are very rarely in water. This crab does not need deep water in an aqua-terrarium, but rather somewhere to climb. The "Dennerle Vampire crab" is found...