Naturally fights pond sludge

Bacto Elixier FB4 SedimentEx

Clearing pond sludge the natural way

Active concentrate to break down organic sludge and leaves


  • Breaks down starch, fats, protein and cellulose
  • Increases water transparency
  • Extends the cleaning interval
  • Also breaks down leaves!
  • 100% biological effect!


Over time dead pond plants, water lily leaves, and especially autumn leaves form an increasingly thick layer on the bottom of the pond. Oxygen is needed to break them down. Fermentation gases and waste substances are produced that heavily pollute the water and can be a danger to fish. Dennerle Bacto Elixier FB4 SedimentEx contains selected, natural bacteria which specialise in reducing vegetable and animal waste products – proven hundreds of thousands of times!

  • Improves water quality in a biological way
  • Improves fish health as a result

Recommendation: at least 3 applications per season (spring/summer/autumn)


Guarantee: At least 100,000,000 living pond bacteria per milliliter



Degrades foliage, too!

Art. no.Contentsfor
3409500 ml10,000 l
34101000 ml20,000 l
  • Dosage/application


    50 ml in 1,000 l pond water. Overdosing not possible.


    • Shake bottle well!
    • Mix the required volume with 5-10 l water and distribute evenly over the pond
    • Disconnect UV-C water clarifier for 3-4 days.

    Please note: All biological processes take time as the beneficial microorganisms first have to reproduce and become established in the pond.