Bacto Elixier FB3

Active bacteria concentrate for clear, natural pond water

  • Breaks down fish excrement and food residues
  • Removes toxic substances such as ammonia and nitrite
  • Improves filtration performance and the pond's self-cleaning capacity
  • 100% biological effect!

Boosts ponds' self-cleaning capacity!

Guarantee: A minimum of 100,000,000 live pond bacteria per millilitre when filled.

Art. no.Contentsfor
3407500 ml10,000 l
34081,000 ml20,000 l
  • Dosage/application

    Dosage: 50 ml in 1,000 l pond water. Overdosing not possible.


    • Shake bottle well!

    • Mix the required volume with 5-10 l water and distribute evenly over the pond

    • Disconnect UV-C water clarifier for 3-4 days.

    Please note: All biological processes take time as the beneficial microorganisms first have to reproduce and become established in the pond.