Lactic acid bacteria for clear water

Bacto Care Probiotic

  • The all-round care product for a functioning garden pond
  • Supports the breakdown of fish excrement, food and plant residues
  • Promotes the digestion of your pond fish
  • Probiotic water maintenance product with active bio-enzymes, natural minerals and vitamins
  • Breaks down harmful organic substances
  • Supports sludge breakdown
  • Supports water clarification for clear, healthy water
  • Also successfully used in professional fish breeding for many years
  • For all garden ponds, especially Koi ponds
  • Excellent bio-compatibility for fish, plants and all other pond inhabitants
  • (crayfish, mussels, snails, frogs, newts, dragonfly larvae, etc.)
  • Perfectly harmless for people, animals and the environment. Pond water treated with lactic acid bacteria is harmless to all pets (dogs, cats) and birds.


3578500 ml10,000 L
35791,000 ml20,000 L
35803,000 ml60,000 L
  • Dosage

    Normal dosage: 50 ml / 1000 l of pond water, every 2 weeks

    For increased requirements: 100 ml / 1000 l twice a week

  • Application

    Shake before use. Mix the required amount with 5-10 l of pond water and distribute evenly over the pond.

    Disconnect UV-C water clarifier for 3-4 days.

    When to use:


    • Problems with water quality
    • To increase the self-cleaning power
    • Where the fish population is large
    • When introducing new fish
    • To support the self-healing power of fish
    • For lively, vibrantly coloured fish, including Koi
    • After every filter clean
    • After medicinal treatment
    • To prevent the colonisation of harmful germs