Green water Ex*

Prevent floating algae - MAKE GREEN WATER CLEAR AGAIN...

Green water arises due to floating algae that are barely visible to the naked eye, which can multiply explosively. Possible causes include pond water that is too rich in nutrients, too much strong sunlight and a lack of floating plants in the water, which take up the nutrients in the pond and create shade. If there is a so-called algae bloom, Dennerle green water clearer can help* A special agent helps to combat the floating algae and the water becomes clear again.



Effectively combats floating algae
Prevents new algae growth
For clear pond water


*Use algicides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Art. no.Contentsfor
3487250 ml5.000 l
3460500 ml10.000 l
34611.000 ml20.000 l