Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex

  • Combats algae by depriving them of vital nutrients
  • Helps prevent the release of phosphate from the pond bed
  • NEW! With lanthanum ion technology: Fast, effective, completely tolerable for all pond-dwelling creatures
With innovative lanthanum ion technology:
  • The highly effective phosphate binder lanthanum is coupled with a natural clay mineral
  • In addition to binding phosphate in the free water, Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex also encloses the pond bed like a protective shield
  • In this way it additionally prevents the release of phosphate from the sediment, where it is continuously formed as a result of microbiological degradation processes
  • This results in a particularly long-lasting and sustained effect
  • Excellent bio-compatibility – harmless for all pond-dwelling creatures


Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex provides an effective means of preventing algae when used in good time – ideally in February/March.

How Anti-Algae Phosphate-Ex works:

Art. no.Contentsfor
3488250 g5,000 l
3403500 g10,000 l
34041,000 g20,000 l