Crusta Spinach Stixx

Supplementary food for shrimps, rich in vital substances

Premium quality in resealable stay-fresh bag

● 100% natural spinach
● With valuable vitamins and trace elements
● Rich in vital substances and minerals
● For health, vitality and vibrant colours

Guarantee: No colourings or preservatives, no pressing additives

Diameter: 4 mm, length: 1-2 cm



Item No.Contents
585430 g
  • Feeding recommendation

    As much as the shrimps can eat within a 24 hours, every 2-3 days (approx. 1 cm stick / 20 shrimps).

  • Declaration

    Composition: spinach

    Analytical constituents: 18,6% crude protein, 3,2% crude fat, 11,7% crude fibre, 14,6% crude ash, 5,7% moisture