Cubes and Sets

Small, easy to care for and simply beautiful: With the Nano Cubes and Scaper‘s Tanks you can create whole miniature worlds under water, in which invertebrates and aquatic plants live together in tiny amounts of water, with as little maintenance as possible. The aquaria have a special depth effect due to the panoramic front glass with curved front corners.

The sets contain a glass cover, a thermometer, a backsheet (Nano Cubes), a low-noise filter and a safety pad made of sponge rubber. When it comes to lighting, you can choose between the 5.0 Power LED enclosed in the NanoCube set with soil, or the new Style LED available with three different wattsages. Perfect fo beginning nano aquarium keepers: The complete sets enable you to set up your very own natural aquarium and to create breathtaking underwater landscapes. The filters these sets contain are low-noise and make the water crystal clear. Besides technical equipment like lighting and a filter, the Complete Sets contain Nano DeponitMix, a care set and black shrimp gravel. All you need is water, rocks and driftwood as decoration, and plants.



 Nano Cube® 10        Nano Cube® 20                       Nano Cube® 30                           Nano Cube® 60                   



NANO SCAPER'S TANK 35                                   NANO SCAPER'S TANK 55