Plagiomnium affinis on lava rock

Mini liverwort


Plagiomnium occurs throughout the world (cosmopolite) and has only now been discovered for use in aquariaThe mini liverwort's special feature is its growth behaviour
Depending on the prevailing light conditions, it grows upwards like a climber, horizontally or downwards. It is sometimes referred to as 'creeping liverwort" on account of this behaviour.

This moss flourishes in particular on roots or rocks.

Dennerle supplies the moss in cultivated form on a lava rock.

Care tip:

Requires very little care, suitable for beginners
18-28° C
Half- to full shade
Clean water, a supply of CO2 and regular fertilization with the Perfect Plant care products provide for lush growth


Doses of CO2 are conducive to growth
Particularly recommendable for shrimp aquaria!

Art. no. 942, MS06 mini liverwort on lava rock PG11