"Willow moss" - Quellmoos

Fontinalis hypnoides

Country of origin  Asia
English name: Willow moss
Planting area: Foreground
Belongs to the floating moss varieties
Colour: Rich to dark green with light shoot tips

A rarity in the aquarium!


Form of delivery and growth behaviour:

Upright-growing moss which forms small rhizomes and becomes attached to the bed after a while
Undemanding and highly adaptable!

Care tip:
Clean water and a supply of CO2 boost growth enormously!
Light range: Sun - half shade
Temperature: 15 – 28 ° C
pH tolerance range: 5.5 - 7.5

The sparse upright growth of this moss contrasts beautifully with other varieties of moss in the aquarium.

Art. no. 932, MP06 PG9