Biosphere Ball with Java moss

Biosphere Balls

How to install the floating Biosphere Balls in your aquarium:

The Balls containing Java moss are attached to a transparent nylon thread, at the end of which there is a clay ring. Press the clay ring firmly into the gravel of your aquarium at the desired position and let the Biosphere Ball rise towards the surface. That's all there is to it! Care tip:

  • Require very little care, suitable for beginners
  • 18-28° C
  • Half to full shade
  • Clean water, a supply of CO2 and regular fertilization with the Perfect Plant care products provide for lush growth

Care tip:
The Balls can be cut back at any time to retain their compact and attractive shape


Ideal for nano aquaria containing shrimps

The floating ball serves as a sanctuary and feeding environment for shrimps and their offspring

Art. no. 919, BB01 Biosphere Ball with Java moss      PG9