A real innovation in the field of algae magnets

Nano Alginator 2500

- It doesn’t splash around, it just wants to clean! 

The Alginator is a real innovation in the field of algae magnets and sets new standards in cleaning performance and handling.
It thus offers above-average user benefits and – despite the somewhat high price, partly due to the strong neodymium magnet – outstanding value for money.

The Alginator stands out due to its:
• excellent cleaning performance, for fast, effective cleaning (soft-side design)
• small internal mechanism for cleaning behind plants, technology etc.
• ergonomic shape for easy, safe, effortless use
• effective cleaning of usually difficult to clean "curved corners"

The excellent cleaning performance of the Alginator is a result of its above-average attractive force of 2.5 kg. This is achieved thanks to the special arrangement and additional strength of high-quality neodymium magnets.  It also has a special cleaning fleece with angled bristles.

The patent-pending soft-side design enables the efficient cleaning of curved corners of aquarium glass, thanks to the flexible longitudinal edges.

The flat shape of the internal part means it is easy to wipe under equipment (e.g. heaters) that is attached with suction cups.

Thanks to these design features, the Alginator removes all types of biofilm from aquarium glass: Bacteria, brown algae, green algae, brush algae and even stubborn red coral algae in saltwater aquaria.

More technical details
• Suitable for all aquarium glass up to 6 mm thick
• For fresh and saltwater
• Dimensions:  Internal part:  33 x 33 x 11 mm (W x D x H), external part: 42 x 33 x 18 mm (W x D x H)


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