Highly effective for red, blue and orange

T8 Color Plus

Fish glow in their finest colours
  • Visual colour effect. Emphasizes fishes’ red, orange and blue tones in particular. Lends added brilliance to red plant colours.
  • Boosts the natural colouring of your fish and plants
  • Tried and tested modern lamp technology
  • Promotes plant growth
  • With pronounced TROCAL Color Peaks in the red and blue range for rich, brilliant colours
  • Light spectrum with "algae gaps"
  • With UV STOP protective foil: Anti-algae effect
  • The foil also provides effective protection against glass splinters in the event of lamp breakage.
  • Activates chlorophyll synthesis
  • 26 mm diam. = 10 % less power consumption than lamps with 38 mm diam. At the same time, 10 % more light than lamps with 38 mm diam.
  • Fit all standard aquarium lighting units
  • Can be used with conventional and electronic ballasts
  • Combinable with all light colours



Art. no.WattageLength (mm)Lumen
134115 W438280
134218 W590370
134325 W742580
134430 W895700
134536 W1.200930
134638 W1.0471000