Fresh, vivid light

T8 Amazon Day

Ideal growing light for plants
  • Visual colour effect: Corresponds roughly to the natural light at around 12 noon on a summer’s day. Rich red, plants are a lush green and the water appears fresh and clear
  • Colour rendition: EXCELLENT
  • State-of-the-art lamp technology - New generation - Longlife technology
  • Extra-long service life: over 15,000 lighting hours
  • With TROCAL Color Peaks: Fish are lit up in their most beautiful colours - Ideal growing light for plants
  • Light spectrum with "algae gaps"
  • With UV STOP protective foil: Anti-algae effect
  • The foil also provides effective protection against glass splinters in the event of lamp breakage.
  • Activates chlorophyll synthesis
  • 26 mm diam. = 10 % less power consumption than lamps with 38 mm diam. At the same time, 10 % more light than lamps with 38 mm diam.
  • High luminous efficiency = low electricity costs A 30 W TROCAL Amazon Day lamp generates 2300 lumen
  • Fit all standard aquarium lighting units
  • Can be used with conventional and electronic ballasts
  • Combinable with all TROCAL light colours



Art. no.WattageLength (mm)LumenEnergy efficiency class
133115 W438900G
133218 W5901300G
133325 W7422100G
133430 W8952300G
133536 W1.2003250G
133638 W1.0473000G
133758 W1.5005000G