Premium growing light for aquarium plants

T5 Special Plant

With UV Stop - anti-algae effect
  • Creates a warm, particularly harmonious light atmosphere
  • Optimum spectrum for photosynthesis and ideal colour temperature for magnificent, lush growth of all aquarium plants – even demanding varieties
  • Colour rendition: Excellent – brings out the natural beauty of fish and plants in all its glory
  • Trocal Longlife technology: Over 10,000 lighting hourschafft eine warme, besonders harmonische Lichtatmosphäre



Art. no.WattageLength (mm)LumenEnergy efficiency class
291224 W438*1750G
290024 W5491950G
291328 W590*2250G
291435 W742*3050G
290139 W8493500G
291545 W895*3800G
291654 W1.047*4650G
290254 W1.1495000G
291754 W1.200*5000G
290380 W1.4497000G
* lengths for Juwel lighting hoods