Colour-boosting effect for fresh water aquaria

T5 Color Plus

With UV Stop – anti-algae effect
  • Specifically boosts the natural colouring of fish and plants
  • Brings out shades of red, orange and blue in particular
  • With pronounced TROCAL Color Peaks in the red and blue spectral region for rich, brilliant colours
  • Ideal for combination with Trocal T5 Amazon Day
  • Trocal Longlife technology: Over 10,000 lighting hours 



Art. no.WattageLength (mm)Lumen
292424 W438*550
290824 W549680
292528 W590*880
292635 W742*1100
290939 W8491050
292745 W895*1500
292854 W1.047*1740
291054 W1.1491500
292954 W1.200*1800
291180 W1.4492000
* lengths for Juwel lighting hoods