DENNERLE is setting new standards in the control of CO2 supply for aquaria with the Evolution and Evolution DeLuxe pH controllers. These precision devices developed in-house by DENNERLE measure the pH value in the aquarium continuously by electronic means and control the supply of CO2 automatically via a CO2 solenoid valve (e.g. DENNERLE CO2 night cut-off valve). Both pH controllers offer the ultimate in functionality, reliability and user-friendliness. Using the device is simplicity itself: 1 button = 1 function. An indicator lamp shows whether CO2 is being supplied. If the actual pH value in the aquarium differs from the set value by more than +/- pH 0.5, the controller's display will immediately flash an alarm signal.

The calibration reminder function automatically reminds the user to calibrate the pH electrode on a regular basis every 4 weeks - this is necessary to ensure reliable measurement results at all times. The user-friendly calibration process is absolute child's play: Place the pH electrode in the calibrating solution - press the button - and that's it!
The dimmable display can be adjusted perfectly to the ambient light conditions. A keypad lock prevents unintentional alteration of the settings (child-proof safety lock).
The top model - the Evolution Deluxe pH controller - offers additional practical functions:

  • Acoustic alarm: Can be activated as a supplementary function. This is expedient when the pH controller is installed in the base cabinet of the aquarium, for example.
  • The switching values at which the pH controller is to activate and deactivate the supply of CO2 can be selected by the user.
  • Automatic pH setting. After entering the carbonate hardness of the aquarium water, the pH controller calculates the corresponding pH value (CO2 content) automatically and controls the CO2 supply accordingly. The ultimate in simplicity and reliability.