CO2-Fertilization - AN invented FROM nature

All plants need carbon dioxide (CO2) to grow and to live. They produce their most important nutrient and energy supply from CO2, water and light: sugar.  Oxygen is created as a "waste product", which all animals need to breathe. The process, known as photosynthesis, is the basis of all life on Earth.

Aquarium water almost always contains too little CO2. Even in tap, water natural CO2 is removed at the water works as a result of aeration. The undesirable algae stand next to no chance in aquaria in which aquatic plants are flourishing. Plants immediately "vacuum up" all the nutrients that promote algae growth, such as phosphates and nitrates. However, if there is a lack of CO2, plant growth is inhibited. Excess nutrients are no longer used quickly enough and the algae take hold.

Good planting and regular CO2 fertilisation are therefore among the most important measures in preventing algae. And experienced aquarists know: Thanks to the oxygen produced by the plants, lush plant growth also helps the fish to thrive!


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