Multi mineral substrate with long term effect

Deponit-Mix Black 10in1

For lush, magnificent aquarium plants


  • Ideal in combination with dark gravel
  • Complete nutrient supply plus nutrient-iron depot for lush green leaves
  • For safe rooting and an optimal soil climate
  • Naturally moist mixture - microorganisms immediately biologically active
  • Promotes the natural bio-filter function of the substrate
  • Clay minerals (montmorillonite) regulate the nutrient balance
  • Humid-rich natural peat ensures optimal pH of the substrate
  • Guarantee: Safe for fish, shrimps, snails, etc.
  • From selected, natural raw materials
  • Active nutrients for up to 8 years of magnificent plant growth


Black long-term mineral substrate for all planted aquariums. Specially developed for combination with black gravel. Following the example of nature and with the entire know-how from over 50 years of research into aquarium plants.

  • Fine-grain basalt granulate creates an optimal substrate climate.
  • Concentrated nutrient iron in depot form ensures lush green leaves.
  • Selected clay minerals (montmorillonite) regulate the nutrient balance: they release nutrients when needed and absorb them when there is an oversupply.
  • Humid-rich natural peat provides a slightly acidic substrate  environment and breaks down nutrients in a way that is suitable for plants.
  • Highly porous lava granulate promotes the natural bio-filter function of the substrate: For better water quality and healthier fish.
  • Naturally moist mixture - clay minerals and humus substances are already fully effective. Humus and filter bacteria do not dry out and are immediately biologically active.
  • Highly effective thanks to a professional nutrient formula. For a quick start of all aquarium plants 

All nutrients and trace elements are in depot form with immediate and long-term effects. Deponit-Mix Black ensures safe growth and strong root formation, even with sensitive species. The nutrient medium contains no additional phosphates and nitrates and is therefore not beneficial for algae. Guaranteed safe for all plants, fish, shrimp, crayfish, snails and other aquarium inhabitants.
Growth power made in Germany. So that you can experience the full vigor and lush splendor of the tropics at home in your own aquarium.

Item no.Charge
13502.4 kg
13514.8 kg
13529.6 kg
  • Application

    1. Spread the medium 1.5 – 3 cm high on the bottom of the aquarium.
    2. Cover with aquarium gravel 3.5 – 6 cm high.
    3. Slowly fill 2/3 of the aquarium with tempered water (approx. 20 °C), do not stir up the nutrient medium!
    4. Insert plants.
    5. Fill the aquarium completely.
    6. Put the technology into operation (filter, heater, light, etc.).


  • Substrate setup
    Aquarium 54 L 112 L 200 L 300 L
    Measures 60 x 30 x30 cm 80 x 35 x 40 cm 100 x 40 x 50 cm 120 x 50 x 50 cm
    Gravel 10 kg 20 kg 40 kg 60 kg
    Deponit-Mix Black 10in1 2.4 kg 4.8 kg 9.6 kg 14.4 kg


  • Declaration

    Culture substrate for ornamental plants in aquariums
    using rock (basalt, lava), organic soil from high peat (H3-H5), clay minerals

    Organic substance: Product contains little organic substance
    pH (CaCl2): 7.4
    Salinity: 0.66 g / l (KCl/l)

    Net weight: see packaging
    Distributor: Dennerle GmbH, Industriestraße 4, D-66981 Münchweiler

    Starting materials:
    Rock (basalt 75%, lava), organic soil from high peat (H3-H5), clay minerals (bentonite)

    Minor ingredients:
    84 mg/l phosphate P2O5 (CAL method)
    1064 mg/l potassium K2O (CAL method)
    182 mg/l magnesium Mg (CaCl2 method)

    Instructions for proper storage:
    Store dry. Protect from sun, heat and frost. Unlimited shelf life when properly stored.

    Instructions for proper use:
    See information on the packaging.

    Contains boron and zinc in a quantity relevant to plant cultivation. Use only in soil-independent processes.