Osmosis water treatment

Premium-quality aquarium water in next to no time

How DENNERLE osmosis systems work

The systems work according to the principle of reverse osmosis: Tap water is forced through a special membrane with ultra-fine pores by the pressure of the water mains supply. Only the small water molecules pass through this membrane. The larger molecules of harmful substances, hardness elements and salts are filtered out. Even bacteria and viruses are removed.
DENNERLE osmosis systems remove not only hardness elements, but all substances which can harm aquaria or promote algae growth, for example: Nitrates, phosphates, chorine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, etc.
The end product is a very soft quality of water with a high level of purity - the ideal basis for all fresh water and sea water aquaria. DENNERLE osmosis systems provide complete independence from the quality of tap water, which often falls short of requirements.
With the aid of osmosis water you can set the water values to match those to which the tropical fish and plants are accustomed in their natural habitat. Osmosis water enables even the most demanding creatures to be kept in an aquarium.