Universal growing power for aquarium plants

Plant elixir

The introduction to the world of Dennerle plant care

- Prevents yellow and translucent leaves (iron and potassium deficiency)
- Contains all important minerals and trace elements
in plant-available form
- For lush green, healthy leaves and intense, bright colours
- Ideal in combination with the root fertiliser Deponit NutriBalls
- No phosphate or nitrate






Art. no.ContentsRange (54 l - aquarium)Range (112 l - aquarium)Range (240 l - aquarium)
4539250 ml24 weeks12 weeks5 weeks
4540500 ml48 weeks24 weeks10 weeks
  • Dosage recommendation

    10 ml in 50 l aquarium water, weekly.

    For aquaria with dense and demanding planting
    and for strongly lit aquaria we recommend the Dennerle fertilisation system.

  • Declaration

    Plant growth additives when using fertiliser
    0.02 % N total nitrogen, 0.11 % K2O total potassium oxide, 0.29 % organic substance.
    To encourage growth in ornamental plants in aquaria.
    Net weight: see packaging.
    Distributor: Dennerle GmbH, D-66957 Vinningen

    Raw materials: NK-fertiliser 3+13 with micronutrients. Other constituents:
    0.02% Mg magnesium, 0.14% S sulphur, 0.0018% B boron, 0.0005% Cu copper,
    0.0001% Co cobalt. Conditioning aid: Contains potassium sorbate and sodium formate as preservatives. Application aids: Includes chelating agents EDTA, HEDTA, DTPa and vitamin C to stabilise nutrients.
    Storage instructions: Store at room temperature. Protect against heat and frost. Keep out of the reach and sight of children and pets.
    Application guidelines: Application description and dosage see above.

    Additional contents: 0.025% Fe iron, 0.01% Mn manganese, 0.001% Mo molybdenum,
    0.0005% Zn zinc, 0.0001% Al aluminium, 0.0003% Li lithium, 0.00004% Ni nickel, 0.0001% V vanadium