The perfect solution for controlled heating

Evolution DeLuxe

The digital double thermostat Duomat Evolution DeLuxe features unique capabilities: It controls the bed heater (DENNERLE Bodenfluter cable) and water heater by means of an automatic sequential control system. In this way, the Duomat ensures a temperature climate such as applies in a natural biotope. The bed heating system provides for a tropical temperature in the bed and generates true-to-nature "nutrient seepage springs" in the aquarium. The nutrients which have been pre-digested by the bed bacteria are transported directly to the roots of the plants. This promotes root formation and ensures rich green leaves and lush plant growth. The entire bed becomes a highly effective bio-filter – the basis for premium water quality. Fish benefit from tropical water temperatures corresponding to their natural habitat. The Duomat offers the ultimate in functionality, reliability and user-friendliness. Using the device is simplicity itself: 1 button = 1 function.

No. Key / component Functions /Mode of operation
1 Temperature indicator Indicates the current water temperature in the aquarium. Flashes when the measured value differs from the set value by more than +/- 3 °C (alarm function)
2 °C To set the desired temperature
3 + Increase setting
4 - Reduce setting
5 Indicator lamp  for bed heating LED ON = bed heating ON
6 Indicator lamp for water heating LED ON = water heating ON
7 Summer mode Ensures the circulation of nutrients at higher temperatures in the summer, too
8 Night-time temperature reduction Establishes a temperature pattern such as applies in a natural biotope. The extent of night-time temperature reduction (max. 3 °C) and the start time can be set by the user.
9 Clock Displays the current time
10 Acoustic alarm Can be activated in addition to the visual alarm. Useful when the Duomat is installed in the base cabinet.
11 Dimmer The brightness of the display can be adjusted to the ambient light conditions.
12 Indicator lamp for keypad lock The keypad lock prevents unintentional alteration of the settings (child-proof safety lock).

Nutrient seepage springs in the summer, too

Summer mode

At high room temperatures, the aquarium temperature may rise well above the set level. The Duomat Evolution DeLuxe intervenes immediately in such cases, actuating the bed heater automatically at 'intelligent' intervals - without raising the aquarium temperature to any noticeable extent. This summer mode* has been specially developed by DENNERLE to ensure that the important circulation of nutrients in the bed continues on hot summer days, too.

Cooler at night - like in nature

Night-time temperature reduction

The night-time temperature reduction function automatically lowers the aquarium temperature by a certain temperature difference for a period of 10 hours. The temperature difference and the starting time can be set by the user. In this way, the Duomat Evolution DeLuxe simulates the temperature pattern to which tropical fish and plants are accustomed from their natural habitat. Tests have shown that the night-time temperature reduction promotes fishes' well-being, vitality and spawning instincts while at the same time stimulating plant growth.

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