With cylinder pressure manometer for 0-250 bar and bubble count scale

Carbo Power


  • Powerful CO2 precision pressure reducer Carbo Power for Dennerle CO2 disposable bottles with connection thread M10 x 1.25
  • Special CO2 check valve
  • With 2 manometers for working pressure and cylinder pressure
  • With a fine needle valve, precisely adjustable for controlled addition of CO2
  • Hose connection can be rotated by 360°
  • Constant bubble count by means of Dynamic Valve Control (DVC)
  • Automatic pressure compensation for fast, accurate setup
  • Made of high-strength aluminium alloy
  • Automatic overpressure seal
  • Thread with safety vent
  • Internal ultra-fine filter for high reliability
  • With adapter art. No. 2999 (not included in delivery, please order separately) suitable for all standard CO2 reusable bottles with connection thread W21.8 x 1/14“


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