CO2 fertilization in an aesthetic guise

  • Aesthetics & functionality for nano aquaria
  • CO2 fertilization with maximum precision
  • Components made of high-quality crystal glass

Smaller aquaria should also be fertilized with CO2 to ensure lush plant growth. The standard CO2 equipment is usually “oversized” for these delicate aquaria. It is often not possible to set the low CO2 supply levels of only a few bubbles per minute with the pressure reducers which are designed for larger aquaria. 

Crystal Line is the comprehensive product range covering all aspects of CO2 fertilization for small aquaria. It combines aesthetics and functionality to perfection. A convenient 80 g disposable cartridge serves as the source of CO2. The specially developed Nano pressure reducer ensures exact dosage of the amount of CO2 supplied. Even the most minimal quantities of CO2 in the order of only a few bubbles per minute can be dosed with precision.

For aquarium enthusiasts who wish for a larger supply of CO2, Dennerle offers additional adapters which enable the Nano pressure reducer to be combined with all standard reusable CO2 cylinders and Dennerle 500 g disposable CO2 cylinders. All the products are made of high-quality crystal glass and are individually hand-crafted. For the first time, the technical components no longer need to be hidden away, instead underscoring the style of design-oriented aquaria.

All Crystal Line products are available as individual items. The diffusors, check valves, bubble counters, hoses, suction clips and the CO2 long-term tests including special indicator are additionally available in two practical sets: The “Crystal Set 125” for aquaria from 10 to 125 litres and the “Crystal Set 250” for aquaria from 125 to 250 litres. These sets provide a swift and economical means of adapting existing CO2 fertilizer systems to the elegant Crystal Line