CO2 diffusors

Universal equipment

DENNERLE CO2 diffusors can be combined with all DENNERLE CO2 fertilizer systems. They are also ideal for retrofitting to existing CO2 systems as a means of further enhancing their performance.

Waste gas vent

Every time a CO2 bubble dissolves in the water, it is penetrated by other gases (e.g. nitrogen) which are naturally present in the aquarium water in dissolved form. Consequently, all DENNERLE CO2 diffusors feature a waste gas vent, designed in each case for the system concerned. Here the waste gases are separated from the substantially heavier CO2 and discharged automatically at regular intervals. This effectively prevents the equipment from becoming "choked up" with waste gas.

As a result, DENNERLE CO2 diffusors operate highly effectively. The best possible use is made of the valuable CO2.