Continuous, direct CO2 monitoring


3 fastening options. 

Reflector bracket for user-friendly reading.

Complete set, comprising:

  • Mounting bracket
  • Longlife suction clips
  • Strap


CO2 bubbles per minute Quantity of CO2 per day* (grams) Quantity of CO2 per day* (litres)
10 1,8 0,9
20 3,6 1,8
30 5,4 2,7
40 7,2 3,6
50 9,0 4,5
60 10,8 5,4

*Mean values

Professional tip:

The bubble counter should ideally be installed in the direct vicinity of the pressure reducer. This has the advantage that any changes to the CO2 supply level will become visible on the bubble counter immediately. To this end, the DENNERLE CO2 bubble counter Exact is supplied with a strap - for direct attachment to the CO2 cylinder!

Even when using CO2 diffusors with integrated bubble counter, it is nevertheless extremely practical to install an additional bubble counter close to the pressure reducer. This enables the number of bubbles to be set more simply, quickly and exactly.

A separate bubble counter is urgently recommended when using CO2 diffusers without a built-in bubble counter and diffusors which are hidden behind plants or rocks in the aquarium.


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