The fascination of water

People have always been drawn to water for leisure and recreational activities. A garden pond brings us close to nature without any need forego our home comforts.  A comfortable chair, gentle music in the background, friends visiting from next door with a good bottle of wine. Mediterranean culture in the comfort of your own garden – day in, day out!


A garden pond enables us to shape a little corner of the world according to our own ideas.
Ponds are among the biotopes containing the broadest variety of species. They play an important role in preserving the natural environment. A garden pond provides a valuable habitat and retreat for many indigenous animals and plants.
It should always be remembered that ultimately a garden pond is a biotope which has been created by artificial means, however. As such, it requires regular care.
The high-quality care products from DENNERLE have been designed with this in mind, to ensure your pond remains a harmonious, ecologically intact body of water that will bring you lasting pleasure.