Algae-eating snails are an absolute must in every Nano Cube. They help to limit algae growth and are self-sufficient. Some varieties may even reproduce in the aquarium, but this never becomes a problem. 

dove snails

It is fascinating to watch baby dove snails (Euplica sp.) grow in the spawn on the glass sides of the aquarium.

Nerita snails

Nerita snails (variety Nerita) grow to around 25 mm in size and are among the best algae-eaters. Their shells often feature pretty markings.

Turban snails

Turban snails of the Turbo and Astraea varieties (Turbo petholatis is shown here) are also excellent algae-eaters. Their size of approx. 40 mm requires a Nano Cube with a capacity of at least 30 l.

trochus snails

lgae are also the preferred source of nourishment for trochus snails of the Trochus (picture shows Trochus conus) and Tectus varieties. They also grow to a length of up to 40 mm.

Worm snails

Worm snails of the Vermetidae family spend all their lives in a stationary position inside a tubular shell which they produce themselves. The tubular shell is closed by a lid, with just 2 small antennae protruding out.

They capture their food with the aid of a sticky, slimy net which they produce themselves and duly devour together with the suspended matter which forms their catch – a fascinating spectacle to behold.


Tip: For some varieties of snail it is helpful to refrain from cleaning the rear pane or areas of the side panes on a regular basis, allowing the snails to "graze" over these surfaces.