Crabs & Shrimps

Hermit crabs

Paguristes and Clibanarius

Small hermit crabs help to keep the Nano Cube free of algae. It is delightful to watch them climbing around the decorative rocks. The Cube should only contain one variety, however. Fiery red Paguristes cadenati or blue-legged Clibanarius tricolor are an ideal choice. Ensure that there are always a few larger snail shells – Nano Marinus Reef Shells  – in the Cube, so that they can move into a new home the next time they moult.

Boxer crab

The boxer crab (Lybia tesselata) holds two tiny sea anemones in its pincers. In case of danger it uses these to defend itself like a boxer using his fists. The sea anemones derive food from this symbiotic relationship, as the crab drags the anemones through nutritious bed sediments, eating some of the particles which become attached to the anemones itself.